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Welcome to the Ahsiek Experience!

We use 100% Pure Essential Oils
Dried Herbs
Natural Products 
All of our products are vegetable-based and environmentally friendly

About Us

We have what you seek...

Ahsiek Soaps and Essentials was created to help cleanse and provide self-care with everything that mother earth has provided us. Our products are made with love and positive intention to help you wash away dirt, grime, and negative energy. Our bars leave you feeling clean and moisterized at the same time.  Let the Ahsiek experience assist you with whatever you seek.

Ahsiek Soaps and Essentials

Disclaimer: The information on this website or from any affiliate of Ahsiek is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. It is based on our own experience with using essential oils and natural products. It is for informational purposes only.  Please feel free to do your own research, we encourage that.

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